Gerry Mulligan #2

The following poems by EMILY GREENLEY (1967 – 1991) come from the unpublished collection My Vital Habit. . .The three poems by LARRY EIGNER (1927 – 1996) appear in his book On My Eyes. Gerry Mulligan regrets that computer approximations of the same typewriter font, spaced just as in Larry Eigner’s original manuscripts, is so difficult. . .HEINER MUELLER (1929 – 1995) was a German playwright. . .SAM LOHMANN edits the magazine Peaches & Bats in Portland, Oregon. . CARLA HARRYMAN’s book The Wide Road is forthcoming from Belladonna Books. “Where are You From” was performed in Tbilisi in 2009 and Utrecht in 2010. She is currently collaborating with composer Jon Raskin on a CD recording of text-based scores for speaking voices and improvised music. . .RAFFAEL DE GRUTTOLA’s published works include Recycle/Reciclo, a haiku sequence with images by Wilfredo Chiesa, and two portfolios of haiga (haiku painting) with artists Wilfred Croteau. Haiga works can be seen on: . .TOM SAVAGE is the author of ten books of poetry, including the forthcoming Afghanistan: From Herat to Balkh and Back Again.  His work has appeared recently in Vanitas magazine. . .KIT ROBINSON is the author of The Messianic Trees: Selected Poems, 1976-2003 (Adventures in Poetry, 2009) and co-authored The Grand Piano: An Experiment in Collective Autobiography, San Francisco, 1975-1980 (Mode A, 2006-2010). He lives in Berkeley, California, where he works as a freelance writer and plays Cuban Tres guitar in the Latin dance band Bahia Son. . .RON HORNING lives in Beacon, New York, and works on Wall Street. His poems have appeared in recent issues of Sal Mimeo and Vanitas. . .CHRISTINE WERTHEIM is author of  +|’me’S-pace (Les Figues Press) and Chair of the MFA Writing Program at Cal Arts. . RICHARD LLOYD is perhaps best known as the lead guitarist from the band Television, while he has also had an illustrious solo-career. More of his writings can be found on (copy + paste) . .SYLVIA GORELICK. . .MARIA TANANYAN is completing her senior thesis at Bard College on post-Soviet poetry through writing and translation. . .ANDREW DIECK. . .ROGER VAN VOORHEES is a can-opener by day, a razor-lipped Czarina by night. . .DENNIS REDMOND is a literary and cultural scholar whose translations include selected works of Theodor Adorno as well as Heiner Mueller. His work is available online at:

Special Thanks to Bill Zavatsky and Bill Corbett