Gerry Mulligan #0

“…like a medley of five decades of our American poetry of resistance…from the mimeo feel of the Angel Hair and Floating Bear on through the sly era when the poets of N.Y. actually got jobs…all the stuff in it is interesting…”

-Robert Kelly

– Kyle Schlesinger

– Ron Sillman (see later post, scroll down)

-John Latta (once again, …)

-Stuart Ross



TOM SAVAGE wrote Bamiyan Poems in Afghanistan in 1970. . . EMILY GREENLEY died in 1991. Her poems have appeared in The Harvard Advocate, Shiny and Sal Mimeo. . ANDRE SCHIAVELLI studies electronic music at Bard College. . .ELIZABETH McDANIEL’s first book of poems, Partial View, is just out from Green Zone Editions. . .In 2005, Katalanché Press published Self Charm, a small selection of poems by SAMUEL GREENBERG (1893-1917). . .TED GREENWALD’s latest publications are 3 (Cuneiform, 2007) and In Your Dreams (BlazeVOX, 2008). . .The poems of JOHN WIENERS (1934-2003) are in sore need of a reliable curator. . .Some of WADE SAVITT’s exciting short plays are collected in March-and-Fiesta (Green Zone, 2008). . .COLOMBINA ZAMPONI is a student of Foreign Languages and Literature at Bard. . .SYLVIA GORELICK’s Seven Poems  for Bill Berkson (Kostro Editions, 2008 ) is available from Gerry Mulligan. . .CLARK COOLIDGE’s latest publication is his collaboration with Bernadette Mayer, The Cave (Adventures in Poetry, 2008). . .ROGER VAN VOORHEES does not like his life written down. . .LYDIA DAVIS’s latest collection of stories is Varieties of Disturbance. . .GERAD ARGEROS is in the restaurant business. His great story of childhood, “Piss on Billy Frazier,” appeared in Sal Mimeo. . .BILL BERKSON’s Portrait and Dream: New & Selected Poems will be out from Coffee House Press any second now. . .ROBERT ELSTEIN has written two books of poems: The Hollandaise and Settling the Disputed Point (both from Green Zone). . . DAVID PERRY is a resident of Shanghai. His books include Range Finder (Adventures in Poetry, 2001), Knowledge Follows (Insurance Editions, 2003) and New Years (Braincase Press, 2004). . .CHARLES NORTH’s Complete Lineups is new and marvelous from Hanging Loose Press. He received a 2008 Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grant. . .ANSELM HOLLO is Professor of Writing and Poetics at Naropa Institute. Coffee House Press published his Guests of Space in 2007. He is, like they say, an International Treasure. . .AARON SIMON’s books are Carrier (Insurance Editions, 2006), Periodical Days (Green Zone, 2007), and a third one in the oven. . .MARIA TANANYAN is the editor of a new magazine, The Bitter Crop. She is a literature major at Bard. . .ANDREW DIECK helps coordinate the student reading series at Bard. . . DUNCAN McNAUGHTON’s latest books are Bounce (First Intensity, 2006) and Poaching the King’s Pussy in the Dover Wood (Blue Press, 2007). . .Area (Belladonna, 2008) and Traffic and Weather (Futurepoem, 2008) are MARCELLA DURAND’s new books. . ANGE MLINKO writes regularly for Poetry, The Nation, and The London Review of Books. Her most recent book is Starred Wire (Coffee House Press, 2005). . .Adventures in Poetry has just issued The Messianic Trees: Selected Poems 1976-2003 by KIT ROBINSON. . APRIL KOESTER is a poet and songwriter living in Brooklyn. She’s been published in Sal Mimeo. . .ELIZABETH BRYANT is a librarian at Bard and edits the magazine, Defeffable. . .These are OMAR HUSAIN’s first published poems. He lives in deep Brooklyn. . .JENNIFER KIETZMAN used to work in a cherry canning factory. . . LAURA HUNT is an artist and poet living in Brooklyn. She works as a studio assistant and writes for The Brooklyn Rail. . .ANN STEPHENSON’s chapbook Wirework is still available from Tent Editions (via Gerry Mulligan). A new collection of poems, Adventure Club, will be ready later this year. . . Dissolutions, FLORENCE KINDEL’s first book of poems, will appear soon from Green Zone. . . ALEX HAMPSHIRE is a graduate of The New School. He lives in Philadelphia. . . CASSANDRA PANTUSO studies science at The New School. She’s been published in The Brooklyn Rail. . .Where has THOMAS LOVELL BEDDOES (1803-1849) been all the livelong day?

Special Thanks to Jake Braff, Jenny Caldwell, Carl Hoyt, Ben Kane, Tristan Shepherd, Kevin Williams, and Eric at Central Services.

Printed at Bard College.

Gerry Mulligan #1 will make an attempt to appear on Boxing Day 2009.